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Finding the right therapist can feel overwhelming. If you or your teen are feeling the struggles of everyday life and if anxiety and fear are holding you back, I can help.  Emotions can feel too intense or shut off, or you may find substances and other things becoming an addiction. If your past or present experiences are hindering your relationships, your work/school, and overall sense of happiness, you’re not alone. There is a reason for all these struggles and together we can explore and create new ways of navigating your journey.

Therapy is effective when the client feels seen, accepted, cared for and the client has confidence in their therapist. I accomplish this through my warm demeanor and individualized evidenced-based practices. I provide a holistic approach that focuses on building strengths, improving self-awareness, and nurturing relationships.

I believe that we all have the inner resources to change and grow in a direction towards fulfilment and joy. From my experiences with addiction, 12-step programs, and ten years of spiritual formation living as a monk, I believe that spirituality can be a tremendous resource in therapy and healing.

Choosing your clinician is an important decision. Feel free to give a call or send an e-mail. I would be happy to hear what you're looking to work through and discuss how I can help. Until then, be well!

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